Extended Family Portraits

summer field family pictures

This week as I’ve been editing through these summer sunset field portraits I was also working through creating a baby book for my daughter. I kind of fell into a pattern of when one of my kids turns 3 I create a baby album for them from birth through 3 years old highlighting the big […]

Aug 11, 2020


summer family pictures

These family countryside portraits were up in the air all week as we watched the forecast call for severe thunderstorms and cold temperatures. Thinking we’d have to change things to an early morning session, we watched the forecast as it changed last minute from thunderstorms to scattered showers. And would you believe we ended up […]

Jul 2, 2020


Colorado family pictures at Highlands Ranch at sunset

I might not get to travel as much as I’d wish I could, but I love when I get to meet family groups that come from all over to be together. This sweet family was together for Christmas this year here in Colorado, but came as far as Oregon, Florida, and Chicago to spend their […]

Dec 31, 2019


winter family pictures in Colorado

Have you ever dreamed of getting pictures in the snow? Its not as tough as you might think! Snowy portraits are a new favorite for me! We’ve had so much early snow this year its made for such beautiful snow filled pictures for so many families this Fall. Most often its the wind that makes […]

Dec 10, 2019


Colorado winter family pictures

I love the beautiful chaos of walking into a family home and listening to the fun cacophony of little ones playing, people getting ready, faces coming and going. I think mostly because that’s exactly what my house was like growing up, and continues to be now with four little ones of my own. The noise […]

Dec 5, 2019


Laura Wolfgang Photography fall family pictures in Colorado at South Platte Park in Littleton

When I first met Nicole and her beautiful family a few years ago, she was still pregnant with her baby boy. Time never seems to slow down, and now her sweet boy is a toddler in full force! I’ve always admired Nicole’s many talents being a momma to two littles, being a working mother, an […]

Oct 15, 2019


Castle Rock family photographer Fall pictures

Its been almost four years since we moved back to Colorado from Virginia, and I knew just as soon as we knew where we would be living that I wanted to connect with other moms in our local MOPS group. It has been such an amazing place to meet other women, be encouraged by new […]

Oct 8, 2019


Jessica and I have known each other since we were nine years old, growing up in Castle Rock together and living just a few streets apart from each other. The years have taken us both thousands of miles apart and back together again, but I’m so thankful for the steadfast friendship we have shared through […]

Oct 9, 2018


Walking into an extended session as a family photographer is like walking into a family reunion. It feels like such an honor to be part of an event that brings all of a family together, and to get to capture the joy and excitement that comes from loved ones just spending time together. For the […]

Sep 19, 2018


Some of my favorite and treasured family moments are those times when all of the family gathers together. The joy in simply being together and making new memories together has such lasting impact on our hearts. It was such an honor to be invited to my sweet friend Cassidy’s family ranch to capture her family […]

Aug 8, 2018


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