Our Family Portraits | Christmas 2020


Dec 8, 2020

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Every year I try to get our own family portraits taken and I love the way it allows me to see how fast our family is changing. My trouble is running out of space to display all my favorites! This year, though, my Fall was so busy taking other family portraits and weddings that I fell behind making our own plans for pictures. I’m so thankful that my friend Becky had an opening for her mini sessions at her new wedding venue her and her husband opened up this year. I was excited to not only have our family pictures taken by Becky (who shoots on film!) but to see Becky’s new venue CLAY in downtown Colorado Springs, too! Its been a tough year for them with all the restrictions and loss of business that COVID has brought but I just know that this next year will bring so much success for them! Be sure to check out their amazing venue that not only hosts weddings, but is open to photographer’s renting the space, as well!

Getting family portraits means a lot to me not only because it captures our family and the changes the kids are going through, but it also captures this season of our family, too. From our grumpy little toddler with his chubby little cheeks to our big guy anxious to get a picture with just him and his dad. Our little energizer bunny little girl and her dancing and singing and our mischievous little Andy who is always up to something! I’m so thankful for this season and getting to watch my kids discover the things they love and the things they don’t love s0 much (why is almost always vegetables??).

Enjoy some of my favorites that Becky took for us! And then head here to see how much our family has changed since our last family pictures!

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