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Oct 18, 2017

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Twice a month when I would pick up my kiddos after our MOPS program, my oldest remarks to me how much fun he has and how he loves playing with his friend Nathan. He tells me about how they laugh and are silly and they are best friends. And it just melts my heart to hear him having so much with his little friend! So when I made the connection that Nathan’s mom was the same momma who had already scheduled their family photo session I was so excited that I would get to spend an hour with their whole family! And let me tell you, Nathan and my Evan are clearly meant to be friends – those two are peas in a pod! We had such a fun time running around the fields, laughing at silly words, and enjoying our picture taking time.

The Brittman family is so excited about being Coloradoans – I love it! They recently moved from California and found their new home in our little town. And I’m so glad they did!

Kristie, it was such a joy to get to hang out with you all and to meet your darling family! I’m looking forward to more playdates and fun in the future! I’m so honored that I got to be your first professional photography experience! Can’t wait to spend more time together!

This one is for Kristie’s family to see just where they live!



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