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Apr 28, 2020

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This last month for us has meant everyone being home all the time, as I’m sure it has for you, too. At first it definitely took some adjusting, we were just not used to being around each other 24/7 with no real breaks or outings. Finding a new normal took a couple weeks, but we fell into a new routine of homeschooling and taking care of our home together. And though it hasn’t been easy, honestly, I’m thankful for the reset its given our family. We started going on regular walks and bike rides together as the weather started turning warmer and it was during those walks that our oldest finally learned to ride his bike all on his own. And our youngest finally figured out that walking thing and is now toddling all around the house so proud of himself (and realizing he can reach new heights and trouble!).

I was also challenged this last month to leave my good camera out where I could easily access it so I could actually capture my own family’s everyday moments. And as I type this my camera is still sitting out on my desk behind my computer ready to use whenever the moment is right. Its been a great way to document this last month being all home together, and its also challenged me in my skills, as well.

And in the midst of all this change, we are also getting our basement finished. The process began just as the restrictions starting getting in place for the spread of the Covid19 virus. So its been a slow process getting it done, but we’ve enjoyed watching the basement slowly transform over the last 6 weeks. So far the drywall is just about done, so we’re hoping we’re close to the finish line! I’ve really enjoyed the process of picking out tile and lights and carpet and imagining how it will all come together in the end. We’re all excited for this new space!

These last six weeks have been nothing like what we expected they would be when the year started out, but though difficult at times, they have been a blessing in disguise. I have loved having my husband working from home where we can surprise him with cookies and hugs throughout the day. I’ve loved the extra time we’ve had together as a family and the way its forced us to be creative in the way we can spend time together. I’ve loved the reset of perspective this time has given me and pushed me to rely on The Lord all the more as the world spins with uncertainty. His sovereignty doesn’t change when the world does, and He’s still in control. Resting in His promises and looking to see how He uses this time in our lives is so encouraging.

Its been a while since I’ve posted one my Tuesday Tidbits posts, so I’m excited to share some family and life happenings from these last six weeks! Thankful I’ve been able to document this time.

family quarantine memories family quarantine memories family quarantine memories Our baby girl wearing her favorite Christmas pajamas and watching the sun come up. Don’t mind our terribly dirty glass door, I promptly cleaned it after these pictures, ha! family quarantine memories family quarantine memories baby boy

Our happy 15 month old always exploring!

Sorry, messy food pictures! But their expressions just crack me up! family quarantine memories family quarantine memories family quarantine memories family quarantine memories

A new favorite family activity has been riding bikes together. One afternoon a neighbor down the street was giving away a woman’s bike, and it was perfect timing for us because I was the only one in the family who didn’t have a bike to ride! Totally forgot to get some pictures of it – a fun blue, vintage ladies bike! Anyone want to do a styled shoot with a bike and flowers this summer?? family quarantine memories

Our cozy home, so so thankful for God’s kindness in providing it for us. family quarantine memories family quarantine memories

His smiles just melt me!winter sunrise

Spring isn’t complete without snowstorms in the midst of 70 degree days!family quarantine memories

What homeschool often looks like at our house. family quarantine memoriesI love catching them reading to each other.  family quarantine memories family quarantine memories family quarantine memories Our most energetic of our four kiddos for sure! family quarantine memories family quarantine memories family quarantine memories family quarantine memories

His little bottom up in the air just gets me! haha! family quarantine memories

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