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Mar 6, 2018

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My bitty is 18 months old now! I know its cliche and you hear it all the time, but boy the last 18 months have gone by quickly! In fact, its almost a blur with our third little munchkin and I’m very much behind on writing in her little baby book. Here are some highlights from the last six months:

  • She started walking the week of her first birthday
  • She got her first haircut just this past week (actually right after her 18 month portraits were taken) and I can’t believe how much older she looks just with a little trim!
  • This last month she has started talking like crazy, one of the most helpful has been when she tells me her diaper is poopy, haha!
  • She loves to try and put on clothes (doesn’t matter whose) and wears them around her neck (its hysterical when she walks out with underwear on her head)
  • she’s finally got “mommy” and “daddy” down and has stopped calling us by the wrong name
  • one of her favorite activities is running around the dining room table with her brothers, their giggles and laughs warm my heart like no other. I wish I could bottle up the moment to savor anytime.
  • she got all four of her big molars within a few weeks of each other. Lets just say January was a tough month on everybody!

Our little Adeline is such a joy and we’re so proud to be her parents. I’m treasuring watching her grow and learn so much!

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