Lower Lake Ranch Wedding in Pine, Colorado

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Mar 15, 2018

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Driving up into the mountains always gives me a sense of adventure as we round the crests of the mountains and drive down into the valleys. The rocky cliffs start looming higher and higher and the white dusted mountain tops grow brighter and more magnificent the deeper you drive. On this particular sunny Saturday morning I found myself driving through the mountains with my friend Tamara as we made our way to the beautifully tucked Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, CO to capture Derek and Francesca’s wedding day.

I had the honor of going with my sweet friend, Tamara, to second shoot their wedding. Tamara is the owner of Tamara Smith Portraits and it was such an honor to be able to shoot along side her as her second last October. Its so hard to believe that Derek and Francesca’s wedding was already 6 months ago, its fun to relive it through the images I took that beautiful fall day!

Some of the sweetest moments I’ll carry with me from their day was watching Francesca’s son toast to his newlywed mom and step-dad. Watching Derek make his step-son such an integral and honored part of their day was such a joy. The tears that were so joyfully shed, the laughter so bright and memorable, and the sweet embraces of this newly formed family were such a treasure. Getting to be a witness to moments such as these makes me all the more excited for the next wedding I get to be a part of!

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