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Jan 23, 2018

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Happy Tuesday! I’m definitely late for my regular Tuesday Tidbits post, but its still officially Tuesday so I’m saying it counts! 🙂

As the new year hit, it brought with it a bunch of challenging decisions to make. And they’ve all kind of culminated in the last two weeks! The most eventful being when we got in our first fender bender when a pick up truck decided to change lanes at a light and backed into our little Saturn Ion. Our little car isn’t worth too much these days, so I wasn’t altogether surprised when the insurance company called to say they were going to write off the car as totaled! So all of a sudden we had a big car decision to make! And so it was that this morning we said goodbye to our little Ion as they took it away on a tow truck and we have a rental car for this week. I learned a great deal about car insurance and claims and processes these last two weeks!

I was surprised at how emotional I got over watching our little car being taken away. It was a wedding gift to us 7.5 years ago. Its been with us every step of our marriage through moving from college to Virginia and then back to Colorado and all our little apartments, townhomes and our first house we purchased. And it was also with us on our dating journey as Abe drove it in college. I told Abe it kind felt like rehoming a pet! I’m pretty sure he’s not nearly as emotionally attached as I realized I was! ha! But we’re excited for getting a new-to-us car soon!

These last couple weeks also forced me to finally make a decision on our little Evan starting Kindergarten this fall! Registration deadlines were looming, and my not-so-good-at-making decisions me didn’t want to decide! But we’ve officially decided to give homeschooling a try this fall and I’m excited to dive in and figure out how to manage it all! Good thing I have 6 months or so to get it all straightened out!

And managing my time well has not been my strong suit lately! I’ve been determined to get better, and as a part of growing in that area I’ve realized the need to budget my time the same way I would budget my money. So instead of letting life happen to me and my time gets filled up, I decided to look at the month ahead and plan out my time to reflect what is most important to me! Namely, spending time with my hubby on date nights and being intentional in my time spent with my kiddos. And after I planned out some date and family nights it left me wondering why I hadn’t tried it out years ago!!

2018 started off with a lot, but I know its going to be a great year of growth and new experiences!  I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweet boys!


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