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Dec 6, 2017

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We made our way back to the parking lot, through the Franktown fields and old farmhouse buildings–long standing vacant and quiet but beautiful in their history and age.  The breeze gently blew across the fields, warmed by the plentiful sunshine. I walked along with Tanya, and watched on as John chased his baby girl through the dormant winter grass after our session. It had been a wonderful session on a beautiful sixty degree December afternoon. We reminisced about last years session, which was also in December but a whole lot chillier! We were grateful for the sunshine and warm air that made our time all the more pleasant.

As we neared the car, Tanya turned to me saying, “Not everyone knows yet, but John is being deployed in March for a year. So it was really important that we got family pictures this year, since he will be gone next Christmas.”

What life changing words those are for this sweet family, knowing that John would be so bravely stepping up, serving our country, and sacrificing so much. I thought about them the whole drive home, knowing what changes would be in store for them all, and how courageous they would have to be together. I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to capture the Layman family, not only last December, but this Christmas season as well. I hope that John can carry these images with him as he takes up his call, and daily be reminded of the love and joy he shares with those most dear to him. And I hope that his girls can be comforted through these pictures as well, as they bravely face that time without him.

John and Tanya, you both are such amazing examples in the way you live so courageously, facing each new day together, and loving your girls so well. I’m so thankful for you all, and praying for you in the days ahead! I hope you enjoy and can treasure these images not only this season, but for always.

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