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Dec 12, 2017

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Well I admit, I was a little shocked when I looked at the Calendar yesterday and realized we have less than two weeks until Christmas! And I really shouldn’t be because each morning our boys put another little ornament on our advent tree which so nicely counts down for us! So I’m still about 75% done with my Christmas shopping but we’re hitting the grind now!

This past weekend I had the privilege of taking Santa pictures for some sweet friends who put together a community event for their local apartment complex. One of the best parts was watching the little ones either overjoyed to see Santa and talk to him, or so scared that their parents just plopped them down on a big bearded man’s lap and expected them to smile for a picture. But it was fun capturing some Christmas memories either way, knowing the crying pictures would make for a good chuckle later!

We got our Christmas decorations all up the weekend following Thanksgiving, and I was so excited to find a real garland at Costco. It was so long that I not only swagged our fireplace with it, but also our back door. And I love them! The only trouble is they’re already drying out! I learned that you can treat a real garland by soaking it in water (thank you Gabrielle!!), but I learned a little too late so that trick will have to wait until next year. What else can you do to keep a garland looking fresh??

And with December finally being here means that Star Wars finally comes out this week! Any other Star Wars fans out there? My hubby already has tickets purchased and I’m excited for our date night together to go see it! Our next family gathering will be filled with reviews about the movie and how they can never get things quite right, but I enjoy the movies nonetheless!

So there you have it, some happenings from this last week! Below are a few shots from the Santa pictures this weekend. Kurt made the perfect Santa – the glasses made the outfit, you’d never know it was him! Kurt and Catherine, you two have such big hearts for serving and loving others! Thank you for allowing me to serve alongside you!

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