Tuesday Tidbits | My Twin Brothers and Thanksgiving Celebrations

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Nov 30, 2017

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We hosted our first Thanksgiving since moving into our home 2 years ago and it was a perfect warm up chance to do it, because this year only two members of family could make it. We had an awesome time preparing our own meal and sharing it with my twin brothers, Matthew and Michael. My husband, Abe, took charge of the turkey and made it Gordon Ramsey style with layering butter underneath the skin, stuffing with onions, lemons, and garlic, and layering bacon on top. Boy did it turn out good! I think Abe can officially be in charge of the turkey from now on! So needless to say we stuffed ourselves and then stuffed ourselves some more with homemade pies. Its a good thing Thanksgiving only comes once a year!

That afternoon my twin brothers let me practice some portraits with them after finishing a new course I had just taken. So some were taken just in our backyard in overcast lighting, and the rest we walked to a nearby field and the sun came out. So it was a perfect evening for practicing in changing light! So here are my two handsome youngest brothers, Matthew and Michael, who so kindly posed for me! It made me think of taking their senior portraits and how much they’ve changed and how much my photography has changed!

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