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Aug 22, 2017

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Happy Tuesday! Boy, do the weeks just fly by! Next week my youngest bitty little girl will be turning 1! Facebook pops up with time hop pictures from a year ago, and its so funny to see a picture of me 38 weeks pregnant and unknowingly having that baby 1 week later! Doing some one year old pictures of my bitty is on my to do list!

This last week I’ve been preparing for our own family pictures! We’re headed out this weekend to get our very first family portraits of the five of us since Adeline was born. I’m so very excited, and even more excited that a childhood friend who is now an amazing wedding photographer will be taking our pictures! Its so good for me to be in the shoes of those I take pictures of. Getting things ready, picking outfits, doing haircuts, deciding on a location, and thinking about what the final product will look like. Its no easy task! The last two weeks I’ve actually been trying hard to find an outfit for myself. Who knew it would be so hard! I have an idea of what I’d like and finding the exact idea hasn’t been easy! I came across a new boutique clothing website that I just fell in love with! MorningLavender.com has so many beautiful clothing options. I fell in love right away. It was actually created by a wedding photographer who just loved all the beautiful details and fabrics and looks she saw at weddings and created her own business providing clothes that are girly and pretty and frilly. Its definitely a new favorite for some classy and pretty clothing! Here’s a sneak peek of the outfits I’ve put together. They’re not 100% done, but it was so fun to lay them all out! This one’s just an i-phone picture (and in my messy room), but you get the idea!

So excited for these pictures! And praying that being up past Adeline’s bedtime won’t mean a grumpy baby!

I’ll leave you with a shot of how our wee baby girl has changed so quickly in one fast year!

  1. Stephanie Wolfgang says:

    Love, love, love! I’m ready to order a new family photo for the grandparent’s wall!

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