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Jul 11, 2017

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Happy Tuesday! I started my Tuesday Tidbits series to share some of my day to day experiences and lessons learned.

Since my last post I had a birthday! Hooray! I’m officially 29 years old (no, really! I am!) and it’s a surreal feeling to be in my last year of my twenties. Somehow being in my twenties makes me feel like I’m still a kid somewhere inside, but I have a feeling that will never go away!

One of my favorite things about my birthday is it’s halfway through the year – right in the middle to balance out Christmas. And I love signing up for as many birthday freebies I can find! This year I enjoyed my freeStarbucks, some Cold Stone ice cream, a free Noodles & Co. rice krispie treat (which ended up being a cookie, but who’s complaining), a free meal at Jersey Mike’s, and $10 to spend at Godiva. I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of sweets the last two weeks! But hey, it’s halfway to Christmas, right? Now I just need Chick-fil-a to hop on board with the birthday freebies!

I had a life transforming experience this last week – I ordered my groceries online for the first time. I know, life changing, right? No really, it was amazing. It was like buying myself a free morning. The night before I just clicked through everything I needed to buy, didn’t impulse buy anything, and stayed right in my budget. I chose a time slot to pick them up the next day, and I all I had to do was let my baby girl take an extra long morning nap and swing by the parking spot to pick it all up. It. was. Amazing. Now if only I could get more than 3 free trials for it! Is an hour and a half of my time worth the $5? I’m thinking maybe so!

Last fall I got a pixie cut when I just couldn’t handle my long hair anymore while caring for a newborn. And not only that, but I also got a fabulous set of highlights and lowlights. And, true to form, 6 months later I just got a haircut with grown out highlights and all (we’re gonna pretend I actually went and got ombre highlights). I’m so bad about getting regular haircuts. It’s easy to cut my boys’ hair, but so hard (for some reason) to just call and make that hair appointment! Needless to say, I’m having many more good hair days these days.

And in just a few weeks we’ll be taking a family weekend vacation. I’m SO looking forward to some new scenery and experiences with our little family. I find myself anxious for the days when our kids become easier to travel with and sleep in hotels and not need naps. But I’m always reminding myself that it will pass altogether too quickly and their little chubby baby cheeks won’t be so little anymore.  

So there you have it, days in and days out. So thankful for each one! I’ll leave you with a shot from Father’s Day (pre-haircut) with my sweet baby girl. 

  1. Stephanie Wolfgang says:

    Love this post, Laura! Lovely pictures.

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