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Jul 25, 2017

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Hello all! Happy Tuesday!

This last week was an adventurous one for us – we took a little vacation up to Steamboat Springs, CO for a long weekend. It was wonderful, exhausting, beautiful, and I’m already planning another trip! As always, lessons learned and things experienced these last two weeks:

Did you know that jalapeño bagels exist? I do now that I mistakenly thought one was a chocolate chip one. Imagine my surprise (and my burning mouth) when I took literally ONE bite and my mouth was immediately on fire. It was so bad, ya’ll, that my ear was throbbing. Thank goodness for milk! Lesson learned – always double check your bagels!

Also, did you know that such a thing exists as a 6 kid stroller? We saw one on our drive up to Steamboat this last weekend. Mind. Blown. Imagine that workout! I have enough of a workout pushing two kiddos in our stroller! I looked them up at Target, $750 for this not-so-little puppy!

We had an amazing time in Steamboat Springs. Though it wasn’t without its hiccups. Our little ones had a hard time sleeping in the hotel which amounted to some pretty grumpy and touchy kiddos. Our baby girl who normally sleeps through the night would wake up at 2 in the morning and not go back to sleep. Its funny how you get used to not getting much sleep when your baby is a newborn, but when they hit you out of the blue with a few sleepless nights it can really knock you out! But thankfully despite the lack of sleep we all had, during the day the excitement of exploring new places was enough to push us all through and still have fun. Here are just a few pictures of our adventure at the top of the mountain after riding the gondola up to the top.


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