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Feb 15, 2017

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I think that Kirstie and her family found the best kept secret of visiting the Royal Gorge Bridge in southern Colorado – a perfectly situated little home overlooking not only the gorge but the amazing bridge (I’m kicking myself now for not taking a few extra minutes to get some pictures of the bridge before I left!). Their sweet family were celebrating not only a family reunion, but their beautiful youngest granddaughter turning 1. I know all too well the joy that comes in getting together with family when you live across the country. I loved being able to be a small part of that joy as they celebrated being together! The only sad part of our day was missing Kirstie’s hubby, Jason, who was sick at home with flu. The flu never comes at a convenient time, does it? 

You can just feel the joy of this family gathering together, though! Kirstie, I pray these images brighten your days and make you feel that much closer together to your loving family when the miles separate you. Thank you for letting me share in a small part of your family time! 

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