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Jul 16, 2019

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For a long while now I’ve been wanting to try out film again. The last time I played with film photography was back in high school (*cough, ahem, like 15 years ago) and back then it was all black and white. I learned how to use a camera using film, and not only that we learned how to develop it ourselves in the dark room. In the beginning there wasn’t any photoshop, just “dodging” the light onto your photo paper to lighten or double exposing your film or other ways to make it more interesting.

Some months ago I asked my dad if he still had that same camera and he brought it up so I could play with it. Over the last two months I slowly toyed around with filling up the two rolls I had bought and sent them off to a lab to get developed. It was like Christmas getting the scans back (and they even arrived in my inbox on my birthday!). It was fun to see what worked and didn’t, and made me all the more excited to try again.

So here are a few from Easter with my little darlings!

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