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Jan 4, 2018

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The toughest thing about living states apart from family is how infrequently you get to see each other, which is so difficult especially at times when you wish you could step in and help out like you would like to. But the one good thing about living so far apart makes those times when you do get to see each other all the more sweet and memorable. It was such a joy to venture down to Longview, Texas to meet up with our Wolfgang family following Christmas.

It was like a walk down memory lane for me as we drove into town remembering the many times I commuted back and forth there for college now more than 10 years ago since I first started there as freshman. It was there that I met my now husband, Abe, and his sister, as well. So I got to witness Anna and Phil date, get engaged, and even got to be at their wedding! And now fast forward 10 years and here we all are together as family and welcoming another beautiful baby girl, Evelyn. So this trip was extra special because we got to meet our little niece, their second little one, and spend her first Christmas together.

We had no fancy lighting set ups, but just our little rental home outside of Longview. But it worked out perfectly for capturing some lifestyle portraits of their sweet baby girl and the FOUR of them together. So here are some of my favorites from our little session! Little Evelyn wasn’t too keen to be without her pacifier, but her sweet face is just too cute even with it!

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