2017 Bloopers!

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Dec 21, 2017

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Well this post will be a lot shorter than my last one (my favorite images of 2017) because this post is a handful of bloopers from sessions this year! Every once in a while when I’m editing a session I find an image that automatically gets put in a folder for this post at the end of the year! Most are not on purpose, but some its just all personality coming at ‘cha! Looking through these images reminds me of just how much fun I get to have with each of my clients – lots of laughs and silliness along the way makes each session all the more fun and memorable! So here are a few bloopers from this year!

When you try to get 5 cousins to sit and look at the camera! What will we do next time when there’s six to take a picture of?

I say cheese and she thinks, “food!”

I love how this shot shows their personalities in between portraits!

When baby girl isn’t into getting her monthly picture taken . . .

Potty break!

Catch me, Dad!

When you have twin brothers that can’t help but photobomb every other picture!

His sweet little face!

Sweet sisters!



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