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Nov 21, 2017

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Well hello there! Tuesday Tidbits is my place for sharing about the goings on in my day to day life because honestly I love to connect with you all on here! So some tidbits from my last few weeks –

I had the privilege of capturing a wedding day a few weeks ago! I was so honored by Zacil and Wes in choosing me to capture their day. You can see some of my favorite images from their big day on the blog here. And it makes me so excited to do more weddings in the future!

My oldest little man Evan turned 5 two weeks ago and I feel like we’re entering a new phase in parenting. I feel like we’ve officially got a big kid on our hands and he’ll be starting kindergarten next fall! He loves to remark on how big he is and how he’ll one day be as big as Daddy. And all I can think about is when he’s taller than me – what a strange feeling that must be!

5 years have certainly blurred into each other, especially with two other kiddos in the mix! I know now why my mom can’t remember what she did to potty train me – and I’m one of five kids! With the weather turning colder we’re dreaming about vacation next year. My heart longs to see new countries and to travel abroad, but my brain reels me back in and reminds me that traveling to the other side of the world with three munchkins will hardly be much fun. So help me out! What have you done for vacations with little ones? If you traveled abroad, how did you make it a fun experience with grumpy, sleep deprived kids that demand all of your attention?

And Happy Thanksgiving! My wish for you is that this Thanksgiving gives you an opportunity to relax and reflect and simply enjoy the beauty of a new Holiday season. As I’ve grown older the magic of Christmas has changed from an excited little girl anxious to open gifts on Christmas to a wonder at what Christmas is and why we celebrate it. And you know what? That wonder is even more magical.

Here’s my munchkin from this last August who has finally stopped asking me how soon until his birthday! Now I just hear how soon until the next family birthday! ha! These pictures are from our own family portraits taken by the talented B Schwartz Photography!

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