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Jun 6, 2017

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Happy Tuesday! I actually have a Tuesday Tidbits post happening on a Tuesday which, lately, hasn’t happened very consistently! I started this series of blog posts to share some fun parts of my life, things I like, or happenings. Today I wanted to share about some of the books I’ve been reading. I have a constant stack of books either on my desk or nightstand that I have high hopes of getting through. My trouble is by the time I fall into bed I’m usually out like a light within a couple minutes. Most days I’m lucky to get a couple pages read before the book falls back onto the nightstand where it has been for weeks months. I find between a busy day taking care of my kiddos, house, and other activities by the time I have time I’m too tired to read. 

But my aspirations remain the same! Here is a picture of my current stack of books. They vary between books about business, parenting, leadership, fiction, and biographies. And I have a list of books to read something like 30 books long and growing.

Lately I’ve taken to checking out audio books digitally from the library and listening to them throughout the day. I find between distractions I still miss chunks of the book, but at least I get the gist of the storyline.  And a friend just recently told me about searching for a podcast from the author to get a good summary of the book without needing to read the whole thing. And I love this idea! Sometimes even just searching for the SparkNotes on a book can give a good enough summary to glean what you’d like form a book without taking the time to read the whole book. I may or may not have done this once or twice in college.

How do you manage to find time to read the books you want to read? I’d love to hear of any other tips and tricks for reading without actually reading OR tricks to finding time to read without just falling asleep!

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