Tuesday Tidbits: Laundry Room Update, the Zoo, and Escape Rooms

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Jun 1, 2016

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What does all of that have in common? Memorial Day weekend, of course! I love that we had a busy weekend, but now that’s over we’ve realized just how exhaustingly fun it was! Our Saturday was spent with my dear family who came up to help transform our little laundry room. My Dad built two wooden pedestals to lift up the washer and dryer to standing level and this pregnant momma couldn’t be more thankful not to be kneeling over and juggling heavy laundry baskets any longer! What a world of difference in our little laundry space! Just ignore my messy shelves!

Sunday afternoon was spent celebrating my sweet friend, Jessica, who is about to get married next week! We celebrated as a bridal party going to a Cocktails & Canvas painting lesson and experienced my very first Escape Room afterwards! If you’ve never heard of one before (as I had never before it was first mentioned), its a puzzle room that you participate in as a team to solve. You get locked in a room and have 1 hour to solve puzzles, open locks, and figure out clues to get yourself out. Proudly we unlocked our Indiana Jones-like adventure with 3 minutes to spare! Such a fun time! I would definitely recommend it for a fun evening and/or team building adventure. 

And our holiday was spent taking our munchkins to the zoo in Colorado Springs. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is so pretty nestled right up against the mountain side. I love that you have such beautiful views of the city and plains stretching out as far as the eye can see. And all the while you get to see beautiful animals and experience little boys gawk at giraffes’ long tongues and lions’ big paws. 

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was filled with lots of fun memory making, too! 



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