Connor Newborn Candids and Life Changes

February 4, 2019

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To say that the last couple of months have kept me busy would be an understatement! With Christmas and New Years, sickness shared all around the family, and welcoming our son Connor I don’t think I’ve had one day I haven’t just fallen into bed exhausted at the end of the day. Our littlest man will be 1 month old this week and life is slowly finding a new normal.

Some of my favorite memories over the last month have been watching each of the kids welcome little Connor in their own way. Adeline just adores him and treats him like a baby doll (so I’m on constant watch to make sure she’s not trying to pick him up or climb on top of him!). The boys each like to help (for the most part) and especially enjoy getting to take pictures of him and give him little toys to “hold.”

Throughout the last month sweet friends have also blessed us with meals and visits and sweet gifts – I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for the love shown us and the shared excitement in welcoming our little Connor.

Many times while I was pregnant I heard other moms share with me that going from 3 to 4 kids is no great change (or at least not as difficult as going from 2 to 3 kids). And being just one month into being a mother of 4 littles, I can honestly say that has been our experience, as well. But our little Connor has also been a very chill, easy-going baby which makes all the difference!

The hardest thing so far has been getting all four kids in the car with all necessary supplies to get somewhere on time! Still finding a new balance with how to get 4 kids six and under out the door in a timely (and un-rushed) manner!

So as life slowly finds its new normal with our sweet little addition, I’m finding new ways to balance day-to-day life and to continue working on building this business of mine! I see many other photographers who have amazing talent and business savvy and also care for their families and I’m eager to learn how they do it so well!

I’ll leave you with some candids I took of our Connor Lawrence when he was a week old. Our little chunkster will be 1 month old this week and packing on the pounds already!

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