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Jan 9, 2018

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This past Christmas we went to celebrate Christmas with our Wolfgang family way out in East Texas. Its amazing driving to Texas because you can spend all day driving through it and still not leave the state! Road trips are always a gamble to know how well our 3 kiddos will do, but truly they did so well! Just our youngest little bitty, Adeline, had a hard time after a couple hours in the car. You know you’re in for it when you keep handing her things to play with or eat and she just chucks them on the floor! It was our cue it was time for a break!

But all things considered, our munchkins did so well in the car and had so much fun spending time with family in the East Texas countryside. It was cold and dreary, but it didn’t stop all the cousins from playing outside together! Adeline loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa’s dog, Buddy. It took a week of being at home before she would stop asking to see him when she woke up in the morning! So sweet!

We ended up getting home about midnight (decided to see what would happen if we just drove straight through instead of stopping at a hotel) and rolled in with sleeping kiddos. We brought in the essentials and left the rest to unload for the morning. Well in the morning we discovered a mouse (or mice!) had been chowing down on our snacks! I didn’t even know mice could get in the car!! So now we’re extra vigilant about leaving crumbs or snacks in the car! And our mouse traps haven’t caught anything, ugh! So any advice on capturing these critters would be most appreciated!

But I’ll leave you on a happier note – here are some pictures I captured from our time together. I always forget to hand the camera off so I can be in some pictures, too! So here’s permission for you to ask me to take my camera and snap a few!!


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