Real Estate Photography – A New Venture

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Jun 9, 2015

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I was excited to venture into a whole new field of professional photography – Real Estate Photography – with the sale of a family friends’ home this Spring. I even got a brand new lens for this endeavor and was thrilled for the chance to use it right away. It took learning some new tricks with Photoshop in blending exposures together to balance indoor and outdoor lighting (similar to HDR). You want rooms to look as bright and big as possible, so my new wide angle lens was the perfect tool to make that happen.  It was an awesome learning experience and I’m excited to continue in this field. 

Having professional photos of your real estate listing makes a huge difference in the sale or rental of your property. It creates a great first impression giving potential clients the desire to see the property in person. Much like having a home tidied and clean when you walk in the door, professional photos show an attention to detail, presentation, and a respect for potential clients when viewing a property for the first time. 


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