“When I get big like Griffin and Cooper then I will. . . .,” has become a refrain around our house! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and boy do our boys love to imitate Mark and Melissa’s kids!  And they’re also such sweet friends with their daughter, too. Needless to say, our families get along so well and I’m immensely thankful for all of them! I love watching our kiddos play together, and I also love getting the chance to hang out with their crew! You won’t meet a sweeter, kinder family! It was such a joy to explore Roxborough Park with them and capture memories.

Melissa, you guys are seriously unforgettable, irreplaceable, and we’re so glad to call your whole family dear friends. I had so much taking your family portraits! I pray that these pictures would bless your family and become a heritage for you all as your kiddos grow!